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United forces in the fight against CoVid-19

Currently, all we hear are reports about Corona and Covid-19.

The increasing number of infections, the many deaths in Belgium and around the world are communicated several times a day. The threat of the pandemic is pervasive and affects daily life all around us. Such a response to a viral threat, the world has not yet seen. I see and hear surprisingly few figures regarding recovered patients or relatives of patients who pass through the quarantine without symptoms. However, there is good news on the horizon, doctors are looking for solutions to help their patients, they are creative and broad-minded. In addition to medication, vitamin C and ozone are also used intravenously as a treatment modality in China and we see good results, even in seriously ill patients. What do we do with this information?

The world within my doctor's office has become a completely different world within one week, with lockdowns and exit rules, video consultations and triage posts. A large part of the population is at home, they are unable to carry on with their activities. All medical functioning is suddenly related to Covid-19. Some doctors are very busy, while other specialists are barely allowed to see patients. As a doctor, I can now only do urgent consultations... But what is urgent and who determines that? A patient, who waits for results of a biopsy, to discuss the results, is that urgent? For her absolutely, but is it allowed? Administering patients with severe symptoms and immune deficiency their monthly treatment, is that urgent? I think so, especially now, do you? How urgent is eczema, or an ingrown toenail? We are repeatedly having to question every demand for help, what can and can't be done in "times of corona".

Of course, I fully understand the necessary measures that were put in place in the public interest, but I also think that we should continue to look critically and constructively in this situation. What is happening around us, abroad, but also within our own country and city limits? How do we deal with this situation, how do we communicate and motivate our fellow human beings? We also need positive communication, people need to hear from doctors and the policymakers regarding what they can do to help themselves to get out of this crisis.

We're not the victims of a viral pandemic. We must not allow fear, stress, tension and other emotions to have a negative effect on human immunity. Please, I ask our politicians, do not solely act out of fear, out of the victim role. Let us encourage people to take action and take better care of themselves. Let us work on spreading a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, and increased exercise. Don't ban people from walking or cycling if they do so responsibly. Bring positive news and support programs around exercise and relaxation, which people can also do at home. Encourage healthy eating, fresh food and teach people to drink water and fresh (fruit and vegetable) juices, these simple things can make all the difference in these times. Let's launch a ‘stronger than Corona’ lifestyle and focus our health care more on prevention.

We are going through a worldwide viral process with rapid changes in so many areas. How we deal with that is up to us. But know, we are not powerless, we can do things, make choices, show solidarity, take each other into account and roll up our sleeves. We need to keep our cool and critically analyze all options and information, implementing them into the next steps. Learning from the experience of those who have preceded us makes sense, right?

You would think that, as a medical institution, in such a situation, we would want to learn as much as possible from the experience of colleagues in those regions where the problem erupted much earlier and where they are now, almost through the heaviest storm. To my great surprise, this does not seem to be the case at all. Each country decides for itself and writes out its protocols. Not only does that surprise me enormously, it worries me even more!

Why are we so individualistic, do we think we know better? Or do we want to investigate it ourselves first?

In China, critically ill Covid-19 patients are treated with high doses of Vit C intravenously. Faster recovery, fewer deaths, and shorter hospital stays are reported, these positive findings have already been published in the medical literature. This led to the start of a study in Italy. Meanwhile, initiatives and scientific studies on the efficiency of Vit C and ozone therapy in treating these viral infections have already been launched in China, Italy and also in New York. Here in Belgium, however, this does not seem to be the case.

I have been working successfully for years with ozone therapy and high dose Vitamin C intravenously and know from experience how efficiently both can be used in viral diseases. We have already informed our local authority and the corona team about the opportunities we can offer on 15/03/2020 but to date, nobody showed any interest. What is not to understand? In a crisis where the signal is clear: "all hands on deck", you should use all you have!

Do we not all have the same goal, which is the health of our fellow human beings? Is it not the case that we, as physicians, are obliged to ensure health as best we can with the resources we have at our disposal?

So why…

  • are there no responses to these studies yet?

  • Why doesn't anyone contact doctors who have been working with Vit C and ozone therapy for years, or other therapists who are successful in treating viral infections?

  • not combine their knowledge and expertise to achieve better, faster, results?

Gathering all the knowledge and expertise will certainly bring us closer. In this 1+1 could represent a completely different value than 2, and possibly many more lives could be saved.

For those who are interested, I would like to send the study protocol for ozone therapy and high doses of Vit C intravenously, which is already used in other countries. I urge you not to ignore this, there are lives at stake and no time to waste, please take action now.

The technology and resources are here, I am ready to treat patients with ozone and Vitamin C as are other health professionals. Ozone therapy is relatively easy and inexpensive to set up, I already have multiple devices so that we can start treatments in different hospitals. We can set up a program for intensive care patients and set up treatment units at the triage centers. The faster patients are treated, the shorter the risk of infection per patient becomes and the faster we can control this pandemic.

I don't want to pretend to be an expert in this pandemic, I'm just a doctor who, from her knowledge and experience, does her best daily to guide her patients to health. But I also see the figures and the devastation in this new pandemic and firmly believe that we can offer treatments that can make a difference in the lives of many patients. As a daughter, mother, partner and, as a doctor, I am committed to the health of the people around me and I want to help as best I can.

What do you think, will we immediately build on the experience of our colleagues at home and abroad?

We are willing and ready to start, are you?


Anne Fierlafijn, MD

Schoten, Belgium

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